Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Animal Conspiracy Theory

Is there an animal conspiracy here? Recently, giraffes helped other animals escape from their cage somewhere in Amsterdam. Apparently, the giraffes busted open the door keeping camels, llamas, and zebras. Smelling freedom, the animals casually walked out of the cage and wandered through a neighborhood for a few hours.

Wow, imagine waking up early and seeing these animals in your yard. I'd probably think I'm in the set of a new Tarzan movie, if there is one, which there isn't. But hey, zebras in my yard, now what other explanation is there unless of course they escaped from the zoo, or in this case, from a traveling circus. Lucky there aren't any predators in the ranks of the escapees.

Conspiracies aside, zoos and circuses are excellent summer travel option to add to your list, zoos especially. They not only provide a closer look at wild, and sometimes exotic, animals. Most zoos nowadays provide information about an animal like their natural habitats and some of their instinctive behaviors. This information is delivered in the forms of brochures, pamphlets, live shows, and exhibitions.

Most of the time however, just seeing them up close and personal gives a nice perspective on how they live. Themed environments also help keep tourists and visitors interested and eager to learn, or at least enjoy the fun.

San Diego Zoo. A Summer Travel photo courtesy of: Ricardo Alcala

Penguins at Prague Zoo. A Summer Travel photo courtesy of: rbainfo

Some world famous zoos are the San Diego Zoo and the St. Louis Zoo in the US, and the Prague Zoo in Europe. Just be careful of animal conspiracies, okay? Who knows, maybe at this very moment, some moles are digging underground tunnels for animals big and small as a part of their greatest escape plan ever. Now, you know I'm kidding right? Right.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Rules of the Game

The beauty of nature will always beat man-made wonders and structures borne of highly advanced technology like fresh air will always be more soothing and relaxing than air-conditioned air. But nature, sometimes, is just too wild, sometimes too dangerous to venture on. It's nice to know that there are natural parks, a segregated piece of land where the natural course of things are allowed, but closely monitored and maintained. One such park is the Yellowstone Natural Park in Wyoming, USA.

Summer Travel Photo of Yellowstone Park
A Summer Travel Photo courtesy of: Savannah Grandfather

Remember though that parks such as this still contain wild animals. There are different safety measures in place, some are infrastructures (like barriers and shelters), and some are a bunch of words called rules and regulations. It's not good to discount these rules as shown in this story. Apparently, a boy was hit by a bull bison. The impact was of such force that he was flipped in the air. They were said to be posing for a photo a few feet away from the bison when the unlucky child was attacked. The park management said the rules were to stay at least 25 yards away from such animals.

A bull bison. Photo courtesy of: ceasol

I feel bad about this but it wouldn't have happened if the rules were followed. I always taught that some rules are just over-exaggerated warning signs. I for one has broken rules that, to my opinion, are senseless and not really important and necessary. Now I realize how lucky I am still unscathed. When on a summer travel, do follow the rules of the places you go to.

Friday, 27 June 2008

The Guitarman

If you’re planning on visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, a great summer travel destination in Georgia, Tennessee, you might notice him. The Guitarman plays for the visitors every day during the tourist season, strumming varying tunes from Waltzing Matilda to Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love. His choice of songs reflects how many people from different nationalities he meets every year.

Summer Travel Photo of The Guitarman's Stage
A Summer Travel Photo courtesy of: AtomicPope

He claims to have met and talked to a million different people since he begun 7 years ago. He apparently has proof: a journal signed by the people he had talks with. Ask why he keeps on coming back, he said he wanted to touch people’s hearts. It’s a noble undertaking, one that made him famous. AP recently wrote a story about him here.

So, if you’re ever down that way, be sure to talk to him and sign his journal. He’s one of the good guys, promoting friendship and love that goes beyond race and color of the skin. His name: David Andersen.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Vacation Idea: Go Swimming With Sharks

Are you brave enough to go snorkeling in a huge tank with 4 whale sharks and countless exotic and dangerous marine animals? If you are, then this aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, called the Georgia Aquarium, offers such an experience.

I'm not. Not ever. No offense to people who really want to tempt these predators by going in there like fish bait. In fact, I admire them for their sheer guts. If swimming with sharks is their idea of a summer travel, all I can say is "Wow!" Although the owners of the Aquarium are pretty much sure the divers and snorkelers are safe, anything can set these vicious beasts off. I may be wrong, but I wouldn't bet my life on a "maybe".

A picture of a whale shark. A Summer Travel Photo courtesy of: sandrino.

For more info, you can read the full story here.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Less Flights For American Airline Companies

Latest travel news, US airline companies are feeling the sting of the still soaring gas prices. Several airlines reported today that they will cut down the number of daily flights as an adjustment to the expensive oil prices. Some will also end existing operations in some areas in the US. Layoffs are also imminent as more and more airlines begin their cost-saving strategies. Less flights mean less personnels needed to maintain them.

Looks like passengers will need to set aside a little more time in planning their flights. With the current cutbacks, the need to plan ahead and to reserve a seat days before you plan on flying is turning to be a must. No more last minute rush to the airport as there might not be a flight to get you to your destination on time. Less choice, less freedom. All because of skyrocketing oil prices.

Here's a summer travel tip: plan ahead.