Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Less Flights For American Airline Companies

Latest travel news, US airline companies are feeling the sting of the still soaring gas prices. Several airlines reported today that they will cut down the number of daily flights as an adjustment to the expensive oil prices. Some will also end existing operations in some areas in the US. Layoffs are also imminent as more and more airlines begin their cost-saving strategies. Less flights mean less personnels needed to maintain them.

Looks like passengers will need to set aside a little more time in planning their flights. With the current cutbacks, the need to plan ahead and to reserve a seat days before you plan on flying is turning to be a must. No more last minute rush to the airport as there might not be a flight to get you to your destination on time. Less choice, less freedom. All because of skyrocketing oil prices.

Here's a summer travel tip: plan ahead.

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