Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Animal Conspiracy Theory

Is there an animal conspiracy here? Recently, giraffes helped other animals escape from their cage somewhere in Amsterdam. Apparently, the giraffes busted open the door keeping camels, llamas, and zebras. Smelling freedom, the animals casually walked out of the cage and wandered through a neighborhood for a few hours.

Wow, imagine waking up early and seeing these animals in your yard. I'd probably think I'm in the set of a new Tarzan movie, if there is one, which there isn't. But hey, zebras in my yard, now what other explanation is there unless of course they escaped from the zoo, or in this case, from a traveling circus. Lucky there aren't any predators in the ranks of the escapees.

Conspiracies aside, zoos and circuses are excellent summer travel option to add to your list, zoos especially. They not only provide a closer look at wild, and sometimes exotic, animals. Most zoos nowadays provide information about an animal like their natural habitats and some of their instinctive behaviors. This information is delivered in the forms of brochures, pamphlets, live shows, and exhibitions.

Most of the time however, just seeing them up close and personal gives a nice perspective on how they live. Themed environments also help keep tourists and visitors interested and eager to learn, or at least enjoy the fun.

San Diego Zoo. A Summer Travel photo courtesy of: Ricardo Alcala

Penguins at Prague Zoo. A Summer Travel photo courtesy of: rbainfo

Some world famous zoos are the San Diego Zoo and the St. Louis Zoo in the US, and the Prague Zoo in Europe. Just be careful of animal conspiracies, okay? Who knows, maybe at this very moment, some moles are digging underground tunnels for animals big and small as a part of their greatest escape plan ever. Now, you know I'm kidding right? Right.


Islander said...

haha seeing these animals on stray, its like jumanji crazy...

GMG said...

Hi Dennis! Some time ago, three tigers ran away (or were left out) from a circus and stolled for some hours in a small town not far from Lisbon; media paradise... :))
Loved to see the Yellowsone River waterfall again; if you would like to hear some pictures of the Park in the yearly 80s look here!
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, now on its last post on Santiago de Compostela! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

GMG said...

Strolled! Sorry...