Sunday, 29 June 2008

Rules of the Game

The beauty of nature will always beat man-made wonders and structures borne of highly advanced technology like fresh air will always be more soothing and relaxing than air-conditioned air. But nature, sometimes, is just too wild, sometimes too dangerous to venture on. It's nice to know that there are natural parks, a segregated piece of land where the natural course of things are allowed, but closely monitored and maintained. One such park is the Yellowstone Natural Park in Wyoming, USA.

Summer Travel Photo of Yellowstone Park
A Summer Travel Photo courtesy of: Savannah Grandfather

Remember though that parks such as this still contain wild animals. There are different safety measures in place, some are infrastructures (like barriers and shelters), and some are a bunch of words called rules and regulations. It's not good to discount these rules as shown in this story. Apparently, a boy was hit by a bull bison. The impact was of such force that he was flipped in the air. They were said to be posing for a photo a few feet away from the bison when the unlucky child was attacked. The park management said the rules were to stay at least 25 yards away from such animals.

A bull bison. Photo courtesy of: ceasol

I feel bad about this but it wouldn't have happened if the rules were followed. I always taught that some rules are just over-exaggerated warning signs. I for one has broken rules that, to my opinion, are senseless and not really important and necessary. Now I realize how lucky I am still unscathed. When on a summer travel, do follow the rules of the places you go to.

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