Friday, 27 June 2008

The Guitarman

If you’re planning on visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, a great summer travel destination in Georgia, Tennessee, you might notice him. The Guitarman plays for the visitors every day during the tourist season, strumming varying tunes from Waltzing Matilda to Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love. His choice of songs reflects how many people from different nationalities he meets every year.

Summer Travel Photo of The Guitarman's Stage
A Summer Travel Photo courtesy of: AtomicPope

He claims to have met and talked to a million different people since he begun 7 years ago. He apparently has proof: a journal signed by the people he had talks with. Ask why he keeps on coming back, he said he wanted to touch people’s hearts. It’s a noble undertaking, one that made him famous. AP recently wrote a story about him here.

So, if you’re ever down that way, be sure to talk to him and sign his journal. He’s one of the good guys, promoting friendship and love that goes beyond race and color of the skin. His name: David Andersen.

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Amazing story!
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